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FCSS Fundraisier – Masks


Soft adjustable ear loops with silicone adjusters

** Outer layers **
100% Polyester
** Mid Layer **
Non-Woven Polypropylene

* Uv Resistant
* Anti Droplet
* Dust Filter
* Antibacterial
* Sweat Absorbent
* Cool Surface

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This is our personal favourite mask for glasses.   This mask has adjustable ear straps, three layers of fabric, super soft, extra nose piece to maximum antibacterial, and anti-blur for glasses.

Every mask sold – FCSS Christmas Hamper will receive $5.00.   Let’s help them help our community.

The Provost & District FCSS Christmas Hamper Project is kept confidential and is funded solely by the community and businesses within the MD of Provost #52.

Provost & District FCSS manages the funds in a separate bank account for this project. Organizations can refer a family, person or senior who lives within the MD of Provost, to receive a hamper that they feel needs a hand up at Christmas.

Three angels are prepared for each child with the parents’ choice of a store in Provost in the value of $20 and placed on the angel tree. This will allow the parents

to shop for their own children. For example Boy 4, $20 gift certificate at Brown’s Variety (in the end Boy 4’s parent will have $60.00 to purchase a gift)

Food Gift cards are purchased at the local grocery and meat stores in the MD and given with the gift certificates to the corresponding families.

FCSS prepares between 32-56 hampers per year with anywhere from 112 to 144 people.

Over the past few years, this project has run in a deficit between $3,200.00 and $11,400.00. The program has a bit of a cushion to get us through low donations

years. The programs’ total expense varies depending on the number of families referred to and the number of gifts donated.

If there are not enough gifts donated then they need to be purchased with the donated money. The cost of the hampers is between $14,800.00 – $20,200.00 each year!

Due to the high deficit in the project, we have decided to have a base amount for the food gift certificates for 1-2 people/family and an additional amount per person

over 2 people to a maximum total per family.

Monetary donations are welcome, cheques can be made payable to the Town of Provost. Please mark Christmas Hamper Project in the memo. A tax receipt will be mailed to you. These donations can be dropped at the Provost & District FCSS office at 5419-44st in the Provincial Building or at the Town Office.

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Adult (Black), Youth Large 14 – Young Adult (Black/White), Youth Medium 10-14 yrs (Charcoal/White), Youth Small 8-10 yrs (Light Grey/White)


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